Friday, October 9, 2015

Photoshop Painting Lamia Witch in a Tree.

Lamia Witch
Watch out for the Lamia Witch. I had a fun time making this for Halloween. I decided to create this piece in an extreme perspective to add interest to the painting. The parts of the body of this hideous witch appear dramatically closer to the viewer than the feet which appear in the background. The tree that the witch is crawling on is wide at the base but as it continues upward becomes thinner.

As always it is extremely important to start every painting with an under drawing to make everything cohesive and to fix any problems before you get to far into the painting itself.

For this painting I used a very limited pallet of color, because I wanted it to appear very dark I set the layer I was coloring on to Multiply instead of Overlay. Multiply is useful because it has the effect of making everything below it darker, yet it will not completely blot out what you have underneath.