Friday, September 11, 2015

Sanhedrin High Priest Painting in Photoshop

Sanhedrin High Priest Painted using Photoshop
This is my rendition of the Sanhedrin High Priest in Israel. This piece is done also in honor of one of my favorite artists: James C. Christensen. If any of you are familiar with Christensen's style you will recognize that I've attempted to capture his amazing way of doing things. While Christensen typically uses acrylic paint, I wanted to see if I could replicate his style by using Photoshop CC. Using a paper and pencil I sketched out my design and uploaded the image onto my computer. Next I added in a layer on top and added values and shadows. In another layer I added color, and in yet another layer I added in all of the fine details.
aAdded Cracks and background color.
I decided to put a cracked paint effect into the background of this painting along with a cream colored background.